Ainbo in Production

Coming year(s) I will be working as Rigging Supervisor on Ainbo. This film is the second feature length 3D Animation film of the Netherlands. After the succes of  “The Little Vampire” Richard Claus and his steam will work together with Tunché Film to produce this film about a girl ‘spirit’  of the rainforest. This is based on a legend coming from Peru.  The team is still looking for talented animators!

The Little Vampire 3D

Little vampire trailer is catching attention! I Animated about 10 minutes of the movie. It will be released around Halloween.

First trailer for The Little Vampire 3D


New website online

wordpressFinally I got a new site running and I am quite happy with the first draft. Let me know what you think.

I have to fill in most sections, but this is just easy work know most of the framework is running. So small updates should follow soon